We started auditions yesterday and met some really great actors – I’m VERY excited.

You see a big concern was/is that there are two kids in the play – a boy and a girl. Originally Chris (the director) and I had hoped to have real children in the roles and wanted to go into local schools to source some untapped talent, there was even an idea that we might get real children from Palestine to do the show (how amazing would that have been?!).

Sadly though because of time/logistical/legal/money issues we haven’t be able to do that, so are auditioning young actors who are fresh out of drama school, but the question remained – would they look young enough… the answer is YES we saw some very good and young looking people yesterday – hooray!

But we are at the beginning now – early doors… we still have 4/5 more days of auditioning to go… watch this space – I’ll announce our casting decisions here!