Although this didn’t happen today it’s something I wanted to tell you about because it was rather exciting.

Chris and I had a meeting with the Palestinian Ambassador a couple of weeks ago to tell him about the play. I was quite nervous as we arrived at his offices in Hammersmith – should I call him Proffesor? Dr? Your Excellency? …

Professor Hassassian was extremely welcoming and we chatted to him about the play which he was very enthusiatic about, promising to send the details to the other Arab Ambassadors in London and give a speech one night before the show: he assured me I’d be impressed with his passionate public speaking – I can’t wait. The date is yet to be confirmed for that talk, watch this space.

Another bit of excitement is due to Eyal Sivan. Eyal is an Israeli film-maker whose ‘archive in process’ inspired me to write Plan D – and he has agreed to come along and screen his archive Towards A Common Archive (working title) on Tuesday 9 February after the performance of Plan D, all audience members who come to that performance will be able to watch the film for free! And they’ll all get an idea of how many stories from the play I stole (!)

More auditions tomorrow and next week – I’ll let you know who is cast once it’s finalised!

Tickets are now on sale – so please BOOK UP!