I can hardly believe it’s January and we start rehearsals in 2 days, and more to the point the play opens in 3 weeks (book you tickets here!).

In amongst all the good news (great cast, have sorted a nice rehearsal space, set design shaping up to be rather special) we had a bit of bad news. We are not going to receive Arts Council funding which is a bit of a blow.

We originally applied in September and were rejected because of issues with our budget (basically my maths is terrible!) but I reapplied again and, as it was for £5,000, the largest of all our financial applications we had everything crossed. But it was not to be, the reason we have been given is ‘Competition’ ie there are too many worthy applications and not enough money.

Im sure that is the case but (as any of you who have filled out an ace funding form will agree) its a bugger of a form to fill out and takes up a lot of time, I’ve asked for more detailed feedback.

Whatever they say however it still leaves a rather large hole in our funding, which means we need to try and drum some more up before the show opens and get as many people to the play as possible, so please tell all your pals and forward the eflier to them… and anyone/where else you can think of! If you need me to resend it just drop me a line at hannah@PlanD.co.uk