I am in shock
It’s all over!
6 weeks gone in a flash…

The last week was completely sold out! I only managed to watch by sitting in the lighting box with our lovely stage manager Alexia while Chris the director and Paul the designer stood at the back!

On Friday after the show we had a meal with all our lovely cast in a great Arabic restaurant called Safadi Express in Holborn. Then on Saturday we had to do the ‘Get Out’ (ie erasing all memory of our play from the theatre) straight after the play which was really odd. I came close to throwing a tantrum as I watched our beautiful steel set being cut up into pieces that would fit out of the door and into Jona’s van *SOB*

But thanks to Jacob the very efficient TBT technician we managed to get the last tube home, laden down with props and dirty costumes (the glamour).

It’s very sad to think that is the end of Plan D. It was such a strong production – I feel very privileged as I’m sure most writers don’t feel like the final piece on stage is entirely what they had envisioned when writing it – but that was truly my experience with Plan D.

I really hope this isn’t the end… you never know an opportunity might arise to do it again… if it does I’ll update this blog with info so you all hear about it first.

Till then if you need to get hold of me I’m on Hannah@PlanD.co.uk

Thank you everyone who came to see the play and who has been reading the blog