Thank you to everyone who came to the reading of Scenes From 62 Years at the Mosaic Rooms last week. We were filled to the rafters and had a wonderful cast of actors:

Jennie Christo, Stephen Darcy (pictured), Jermaine Dominque (pictured), Houda Echouafni, Andy Lucas, Charlotte Pyke (pictured) and Simon Silva.

Sadly Joanna Wake was sick on the day and so I had to read in, which was nerve wracking but I don’t think it marred the audience’s enjoyment too much, who gave me a lot of interesting feedback afterwards, which I now need to mull over.

We are now at the beginning of our journey to get the play produced and I’ll make sure I post all the updates here, so watch this space. Any ideas you might have would be gratfeully recieved email me at

In the meantime a big thank to you the actors, the director Chris White, the A.M. Qattan Foundation for hosting the reading and the Jerwood Space for offering us subsidised rehearsal space.

I also took a few pics at the rehearsal for the reading which you can see in the Plan D Gallery.