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Getting Plan D On

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This blog details Hannah's experience of producing her play Plan D at the Tristan Bates Theatre, from 25 January to 13 February 2010.

The tech – Part 2

Pre production Posted on Mon, January 25, 2010 22:52:07

again so far so good so tired zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

sorry I cant muster much more than that!

but heres a feature I wrote for whatsonstage:…+Formulating+Plan+D.html

The tech – part 1

Pre production Posted on Sun, January 24, 2010 20:08:00

Today we started the tech – we got the set in – made by Jona Warbey and Luke Joyce and it looks REALLY impressive. Wonderful steel structured which they built in less than a week – incredible!

Tommorow we continue with sound and lighting and then a run in the space in the evening…

Here’s another Leonard article – an interview from Islington Tribune:


Pre production Posted on Sat, January 02, 2010 11:49:31


I can hardly believe it’s January and we start rehearsals in 2 days, and more to the point the play opens in 3 weeks (book you tickets here!).

In amongst all the good news (great cast, have sorted a nice rehearsal space, set design shaping up to be rather special) we had a bit of bad news. We are not going to receive Arts Council funding which is a bit of a blow.

We originally applied in September and were rejected because of issues with our budget (basically my maths is terrible!) but I reapplied again and, as it was for £5,000, the largest of all our financial applications we had everything crossed. But it was not to be, the reason we have been given is ‘Competition’ ie there are too many worthy applications and not enough money.

Im sure that is the case but (as any of you who have filled out an ace funding form will agree) its a bugger of a form to fill out and takes up a lot of time, I’ve asked for more detailed feedback.

Whatever they say however it still leaves a rather large hole in our funding, which means we need to try and drum some more up before the show opens and get as many people to the play as possible, so please tell all your pals and forward the eflier to them… and anyone/where else you can think of! If you need me to resend it just drop me a line at

The die is cast … and so are we

Pre production Posted on Tue, December 29, 2009 11:40:04

Seasons Greetings all, I had to break the festivities to let you know the good news – we have cast the play and have a marvellous compliment of actors for Plan D, they are, in alphabetical order:

George Couyas, Houda Echouafni, Leonard Fenton, Amira Ghazalla, Kamal Kaan, Loukia Pierides and Richard Sumitro.

I’m very excited ! Now me and the team just need to find a rehearsal room … it’s not proving easy… we have a budget of £300 and 4 working days (ie the rest of this week) to do it. Added into that the fact everyone is off for Christmas – help!

So anyone got a spare hall in their house??

Almost Decision Time

Pre production Posted on Fri, December 18, 2009 12:14:13

Well after 2 weeks of seeing some incredible actors decision time is looming for myself and director Chris White, we will be putting out offers to actors today – and once the cast is confirmed I’ll announce it here!

The flyers arrived this week and they look brilliant – I’ve made some into home-made Christmas cards … not sure what the recipients will think, but personally I think it’s a stroke of marketing genius.

We also have to find rehearsal space for three weeks – and as rehearsals start on 4 January there is a time pressure… and budgetary restrictions … so if anyone reading has any vacant spaces perfect for rehearsing in and free (in both ways!) from 4 to 22 January please get in touch – we may be short of cash but I can pay in home-made chutney, jam, rocky road and chilli vodka – any takers?

I met the Palestinian Ambassador

Pre production Posted on Thu, December 10, 2009 12:07:17

Although this didn’t happen today it’s something I wanted to tell you about because it was rather exciting.

Chris and I had a meeting with the Palestinian Ambassador a couple of weeks ago to tell him about the play. I was quite nervous as we arrived at his offices in Hammersmith – should I call him Proffesor? Dr? Your Excellency? …

Professor Hassassian was extremely welcoming and we chatted to him about the play which he was very enthusiatic about, promising to send the details to the other Arab Ambassadors in London and give a speech one night before the show: he assured me I’d be impressed with his passionate public speaking – I can’t wait. The date is yet to be confirmed for that talk, watch this space.

Another bit of excitement is due to Eyal Sivan. Eyal is an Israeli film-maker whose ‘archive in process’ inspired me to write Plan D – and he has agreed to come along and screen his archive Towards A Common Archive (working title) on Tuesday 9 February after the performance of Plan D, all audience members who come to that performance will be able to watch the film for free! And they’ll all get an idea of how many stories from the play I stole (!)

More auditions tomorrow and next week – I’ll let you know who is cast once it’s finalised!

Tickets are now on sale – so please BOOK UP!

The fliers are coming!

Pre production Posted on Tue, December 08, 2009 18:04:56

I have ordered the Plan D fliers and they look fantastic!

They have been designed by the incredibly talented Steve Rodgers – you can see the logo above but the fliers are even better.

And Khalid Laith – one of our actors – very kindly did the translation into arabic. We should have hard copies next week (and anyone on my Christmas card list will get one as I’m being brazen this year and sending fliers instead of cards!) but if you fancy a sneaky preview Im uploading the design here:

First day of auditions

Pre production Posted on Tue, December 08, 2009 11:04:48

We started auditions yesterday and met some really great actors – I’m VERY excited.

You see a big concern was/is that there are two kids in the play – a boy and a girl. Originally Chris (the director) and I had hoped to have real children in the roles and wanted to go into local schools to source some untapped talent, there was even an idea that we might get real children from Palestine to do the show (how amazing would that have been?!).

Sadly though because of time/logistical/legal/money issues we haven’t be able to do that, so are auditioning young actors who are fresh out of drama school, but the question remained – would they look young enough… the answer is YES we saw some very good and young looking people yesterday – hooray!

But we are at the beginning now – early doors… we still have 4/5 more days of auditioning to go… watch this space – I’ll announce our casting decisions here!

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