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Getting Plan D On

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This blog details Hannah's experience of producing her play Plan D at the Tristan Bates Theatre, from 25 January to 13 February 2010.

On The Radio

Rehearsals Posted on Fri, January 22, 2010 11:29:33

Leonard and I went on the Late Show With Joanne Good at BBC London last night and had a lovely time…

If you’d like to listen heres the link to BBC iPlayer (it’ll be available till next Thursday). We start at about 43 minutes… and we do actually talk about the play once Leonard has done his dog impressions… I kid you not!

Click here to hear Plan D plugged on BBC London (starts at 43 mins)

Today is out last day of rehearsals, and we are tecching on Sunday and Monday in the Theatre – so I’ll update you on how we get on later in the weekend.

In the meantime keep your eyes peeled for the Camden New Journal which has a big Leonard feature in it today+

Here’s the lovely Leonard (another Liz Hyder picture) in rehearsal with George Couyas

First Night Change

Rehearsals Posted on Thu, January 21, 2010 16:32:05

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that our first night is now going to be Tuesday 26 January (not Monday as we originally planned). This is “due to technical reasons” – in a nutshell we don’t have enough time in the theatre to tech the show so it is 100% perfect for all our wonderful audiences, so we thought we’d hold off a night. So if you were planning on coming on Monday please reschedule.

Also a reminder that Leonard and I will be on BBC London from 10.30pm tonight! I’ll post a link tomorrow – I’m rather nervous…

Lastly some good news on press – we’ve had mentions in the Metro and Jewish Chronicle this week, and Leonard’s interview in the Camden New Journal is out on Friday.

If you want to see how they are getting on in rehearsals have a look at
Liz Hyder’s beautiful pics… they are great, this is my favourite:

The Banner Is Working!

Rehearsals Posted on Thu, January 21, 2010 12:58:21

First run… & radio coverage!

Rehearsals Posted on Tue, January 19, 2010 23:33:37

Thank you to everyone who pointed out you cant see the banner – its a blip in the blog ! Being mended as we speak – ill repost the banner when its de blipped.

Today we have our first run in rehearsals – the actors were amazing, they really went with it – it’s a huge thing to put a piece together for the first time and their focus was brilliant. It’s really taking shape. I’m excited.

Another bit of news, me and Leonard Fenton are going to be on BBC London radio on Thursday night (21 January) to talk about the play. I’m hoping to convince Leonard to sing some Schubert (he is a brilliant singer – seriously, collar him in the bar after the show and ask him to sing you something). We’re not on until 10.30pm though as its the late show… don’t worry if that’s too late ! I’ll post the link to the BBC iplayer page here after we have done it so people who don’t hear can catch up.

Im already a bit nervous…smiley+

Look at our fabulous Web Banner!

Rehearsals Posted on Fri, January 15, 2010 17:30:06

Just before you head off for the weekend I wanted to show you this:

Our wonderfully clever designer (Steve Rodgers has made this beautiful banner for the website – isn’t it great?

We’re up to Standard

Rehearsals Posted on Wed, January 13, 2010 15:53:25

Rehearsals continue apace and the actors are just brilliant.

I also discovered that Leonard Fenton – the octogenarian in the cast, is a former EastEnder – he used to play Dr Legg in the soap… and the Evening Standard picked up on this.

If you see the paper today grab a copy to read the story or you can see it online here:

(and yes I really am 32 before you ask!)

Win a prize care of Pack Horse Hannah

Rehearsals Posted on Thu, January 07, 2010 12:33:04

I slogged my way to Bermondsey on Tuesday evening weighed down like a little pack horse with fliers to London Calling who are doing a flier drop to venues next week – so keep you eyes peeled for them and let me know where you spot em – a glass of wine post performance for anyone who spots them in the most venues! The lovely people at the Young Vic have agreed to exit flier after their show I Am Yusef, so Ill be back in pack-horse mode next week to deliver those…

Keep warm everyone – neighhh

Day 1,2,3,4

Rehearsals Posted on Thu, January 07, 2010 12:17:38

Rehearsals began on Monday morning – and it was the first time I saw the whole cast together – and the first time I met some of them. What a fantastic group of people, all of them perfect for their roles, the family really look like they are related, it’s great. I am very very happy.

Also our reherasal room in North London is nice and big, and most important nice and warm! Particularly with all the cold weather. I was nervous that because of the snow we might have to cancel a day of rehearsals but like troopers all the actors have made it in every day – snow on the line or not.

My next day in with them is Friday when we have the opportunity to see Paul Burgess the designer and his model box, and see what the set will be like – I’m very excited about that.